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The Game Team’s video help!


The game team made some cool videos to help you on some game’s’s Ballistic biscuits made by joao:

2.Word crunch By Joao:

3. Manacala beans By Joao:

4. Manacala snails By Joao

Bye gamer’s =D~IDontbreak


March 28, 2008 at 10:27 am 1 comment

Sling ice junior

Hi gamer’s,The game team made a new video to help you guys on the game Sling ice junior and here it is:

Bye gamers~IDontbreak

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Four seconds fury

Are you bored and you feel like getting crazy and kicking your happy side?Well you can play FOUR SECONDS FURY!!!!!! I hope this helps getting your mind crazy and if you want a vid and the game link here they are: and the vid:

Bye gamers and if you see comments by storeguy77,thats me 🙂    ~Joao

March 26, 2008 at 11:16 pm 1 comment

Easter egg hop

Did you ever played easter egg hop?Well,if you didint heres the link:

Bye gamers 😛    ~Joao

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Hi, heres a vid that will help you pass doodle the game on and the link is . Have fun playing it.                                                 

Bye gamers 🙂 ~Joao

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Soup bubble 2

Do you like playing soup bubble?If you do this vid will help you pass all the game and if you havent played soup bubble go to               

Bye  gamers 🙂 ~Joao

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Wacky Ballz Walkthrough!

Hi Gamer’s =D

Do you know the game Wacky Ballz for well if you dont this is the game:

Well anyway if your trying to beat the game and you can’t just use this easy to follow walkthrough to help you beat the game this is the video ❗ Hope this helped well Untill then….. Bye Gamer’s =D

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