Crypt-Raider Level Codes And Video Guide


Today I’m going to give you some level codes for Crypt-Raider,If you dont know this game already You can play this game here:

Well here are the codes:

1  l3VIFNXL6O0
  2   l1GDCJTH4BU
  3   lDIIBX80DTS
  4   lZ4DJKCGM46
  6   l3DQ84AHPJ2
  8   lKPU91XGSMG
  9   lXPQ5V9CO5S
 10   lPXAA197342
 11   lUZLUV05WJ5
 13   l8I1NH0NLMS
 14   lL0LOD3SNZQ
 15   lV9HLCQJW0Z
 17   lGE5EEHX239
 18   lB9Z887UJ0P
 19   l2GYU2W1AKA
 20   lCFF6Z4PWAQ
 21   lS3F44JY4LG
 22   lMCY5EP0UDX
 23   lSVIXSLLG49
 24   l6PEUSYSJ3I
 25   lU6I3685MLA
 26   lA99B9759UZ
 27   lI6BN8BHK5E
 28   lLWB65SAYF1
 31   l6R96LV6DI4
 32   lZF72GXQZNZ
 33   l65EZUDIEPY
 34   lDA13UNFJIA
 35   lM55VJPWZXS
 36   l2BYN8X5WMB
 37   l477S23DCHQ
 38   lKZREX9NC48
 39   lT54PBR00R0
 40   lAMWC2NCB6O
 41   lECB7Q1YR31
 42   lIX4WJ175Q7
 43   lLH0I4E6BUP
 44   lK4W7EY3F3I
 45   l5Z5IV6Q7GE
 46   lJX9RNBGA9Y
 47   lY86UHYAJ5R
 48   l2G30XY0ZTZ
 49   lCFE5W9IQIP
 50   lIPJPM2J8DG
 52   lVS1P2DSMGY
 56   lPG3EV7U2KG
 57   lLG0Z00AF28
 58   lC2M94DQVTL
 59   lMDYO005UQ6
 60   l7NMKJOJ2UG
 61   lJ3ZAHFIEC8
 62   lRW5KJ9IBE2
 63   l38J7PF4HZO
 64   l40GRJBNOV2
 65   lE5SUVG3LY4
 66   lD4FBOJDP3F
 68   lBOB1L58LEI
 69   lV84THCBUN9
 70   l9P8JTWVPEM
 72   lV051W4XM7C
 73   lR6LFWJE51K
 74   lR4GDSNGVH3
 76   l4IFHR3HVVH
 77   lSDMMDWK2A1
 78   lNN80D14B8D
 79   lDDACAL94S9
 81   l8Y8HTQM86I
 82   l7ZK42H0DR8
 84   lS6Q1ER5H9L
 85   lS1HZG3STX1
 86   lDXVKCB2TB7
 88   lBL1Z05VKX1
 89   lZ174NPKCBT
 90   lP41MV540WW
 91   lUMXVPC54CP

It did take some time to finish the game….

Well here is the guide i hope it help’s!

(The video just shows you how to beat 10 levels of the game)

And this one shows you how to beat the hardest 2 levels “Level 99 and Level 100”

Untill then…. Bye Gamer’s~IDontbreak =P




April 8, 2008 at 11:56 am 2 comments

Alien Armada Level Codes

Hey Gamers

Just wanted to tell you some Level Codes for the Game alien armada,

If you haven’t played alien armada well go here to play it

Here are the Level codes:

Level 2: sentinel

Level 3: guardian

Level 4: protector

Level 5: defender

Hope it helped ❗

Bye Gamerz =D ~IDontbreak

Joao update: Remember to enter the contest

April 6, 2008 at 3:25 pm 2 comments


Game team\'s contest pic


The game team have made a new contest,So please join ❗

To Win the prizes you have to answer this questions:

1.How many levels are they in Sling

2.What is the last door in Phantom mansion

3.How many slings are they?

4.What is the next Sling?

5.Name me 19 diffrent games from diffrent websites

6.Would you like to be a game team’er?

You have to get 5 correct or more to win.


1st Place gets to be a Mod/Helper on Game team

2nd Place gets to be a Gamer/auther on Game team

3rd place gets to be a Reader On Game team.

The Contest ends by june 1st.

 The first one to comment and get themm al right will be 1st place.

Thats all for now Bye Gamers =D IDontbreak~


April 6, 2008 at 1:06 pm 3 comments

Save the egg guide

Heres a game where you need to get the penguins egg warm… Well, heres the link:

Bye gamers    ~Joao~

April 6, 2008 at 10:50 am 2 comments

Idiot test 1

Ever played idiot test 1?If you didint heres the link:

Bye gamer 😛     ~Joao~

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Ultimate Flash Sonic Game Guide and Cheats!


Well most of you know the Ultimate flash sonic game well we at Game Team found out some cheats and we made a video to help you through the game ❗

If you dont know the game you can play it at: ” “

And have fun 😀

Well gets on with the CHEATS!

Enter the code: 211313101010101 If you want tails to follow you.

Enter the code: 595313131313131 For sonic run 2, tails follows, behind, big cheese, moon gravity, and jukebox.-


Thats all with cheats here is the video!:

Bye Gamers =P~〄IDontbreak〄~

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The Game Team’s video help!


The game team made some cool videos to help you on some game’s’s Ballistic biscuits made by joao:

2.Word crunch By Joao:

3. Manacala beans By Joao:

4. Manacala snails By Joao

Bye gamer’s =D~IDontbreak

March 28, 2008 at 10:27 am 1 comment

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